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Quality is fundamental and innovation is motive force

In addition to strict quality control, we are also committed to finding the best price-to-price balance. Our principle is not to exchange quality for price.

  • Throughput
  • Professional Team
  • Professional Equipment

3500 square meter factory area, professional production equipment, professional and excellent production team, to ensure high-quality service, efficient production efficiency, quality assurance.

With many experienced product development designers and professional mold designers, we regularly improve product process technology, develop new products, improve processing technology and optimize product performance. Professional service team to provide professional technical guidance and quality pre-sales and after-sales service

Has multiple professional production equipment, can produce customized production and processing according to customer requirements. Regular maintenance and repair of equipment to ensure the availability of equipment, not without production and processing, and to ensure the delivery date.


Welcome to the official website of LEST Co., Ltd